November 6, 2010

I see London, I see France....

Finally, a peek into our big debut EUROPE! Now if I can only get this blogging thing under my belt...

First stop...London, England.

After much anticipation for our trip, begging for practically a sabbatical from work, & stressing over packing exactly 2 backpack style bags to travel Rick Steves' style (how hard is it for a girl to pack exactly 2 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of pants, and 5 shirts for 17 days?? I may have squeezed in a little bit more...Kyle did find out eventually) we made it!

On the first of what would be many flights, a cute elderly lady next to me asked where we were traveling & with a twinkle in her eyes said, "Oh, what a fun honeymoon! You are such cute newlyweds!" She just made my day.

After very little sleep, we jumped on the Hotel Hoppa, dropped our bags at the hotel, and hit the city running! We did not want to miss a thing! I immediately loved the English accents & loved catching glimpses of places I had always dreamed of seeing and we topped the night off with a fabulous performance of Les Mis. Even though we were both guilty of dozing off a little during the show...However, for the rest of the trip we caught ourselves humming and singing the music.

After a ride on The Tube, my first view of the city.

The majestic Big Ben

classic pose...

We loved the warning site to the right "Watch out. Horses bite."

Kyle wishes I would have sported my leopard print dress & heels that day like our friend...

Our fantastic guide on the bus tour

Not the best picture of us at Les Mis. However, a perfectly nice stranger was literally down on his knees, in the street, with oncoming traffic I might add to snap this shot. We were too afraid for his life to ask him to take another one!

Next stop...more London & France!