April 28, 2009

Yesterday I arrived at the office only to be immediately sent out to the streets. The mission: finding a birthday cake for my co-worker. Don't mind that job responsibility! After wandering Broadway and Wall Street, I came across this little gem of a place. Isn't it adorable?

Love the bright colored tulips.
Love the cute, quaint corner location.
& Love the beautiful creations that wait inside.
I mean, look at those cakes?
They almost look too beautiful to eat!
Needless to say, mission accomplished. Found a cake. & found a darling new restaurant to try out someday!

April 24, 2009

My view after work last night.
Sunset over the Hudson.
Does it get any better?
Love this place.

April 18, 2009

Sat 74 F
This is what I saw when I checked out today's forecast.
Goodbye plans for spring cleaning.
No way am I stayin' inside today!
the line-up

business trips + company credit card = too much food

1. Applebees: oriental chicken salad
2. The Cheesecake Factory: Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake Wonder
3. Marriott Courtyard: hot oatmeal with a sprinkle of brown sugar, craisins, and walnuts
4. Brio Mediterranean Bistro: chicken & spinach salad with strawberries and kiwi vineagrette
5. One: red snapper, steamed banana rice, sweet snap peas
6. Tim Hortons: classic NY bagel & strawberry cream cheese
7. Pittsford Pub: Oriental Chicken Salad
8. Phillip's European: pasta primaviera & German chocolate cake
9. Subway: turkey sandwich

All eaten in the past 4 days. Does anyone want to go on a no-eating diet with me? I feel like I have had enough food to last me for life! Man, I am going to have to be careful in this corporate lifestyle.

.....fruit anyone? I tell you what...this is all I am going to be allowed to eat for quite some time!

This week I went to Rochester for work. Between the 4 days I was there:
1. I drove over 900 miles
2. I dined at 9 shnazzy restaurants
3. I visited the famous Wegmans. What is this, you may wonder? A very upscale grocery store. But of ALL the places in Rochester, EVERYone I met there kept asking, "Have you been to Wegmans yet?" It is a shame I do not have a photo to let you all bask in the wonderfulness of that place!
4. I saw the mansion of George Eastman, the inventer of Kodak film
5. I saw farms, and grass, hills and streams. It was truly a breath of fresh air from my hustle and bustle city life...

But I returned late last night...and came to realize the truth. I missed my Manhattan, as crazy as it sounds. So bring it on...crazy taxi drivers, crowded subways, people everywhere, skyscraper landscapes...boy am I glad to be back!

April 17, 2009

oh how lovely....

I went to Palmyra & the Sacred Grove this week. Though the events that took place there happened so long ago, the incredible spirit of reverance and peace is still so prominent. Smith Home built by Hyrum for the family. Isn't it so quaint!

One interesting fact: on the left side of the house, there is 1 window that is shared by 2 separate rooms. It is true--the wall literally runs down the middle of it. In those days, you were taxed according to how many windows you had, how many floors in the home, etc. So the Smith family saved some money by using one window for 2 rooms!

Hard to imagine all that took place in these very woods. What a miracle that changed the world!

I loved the time I had to just sit & ponder here in the stillness of the moment. No one else was there. Just me. Alone. It deepened my appreciation for Joseph Smith & reminded me how much more I need to strive to strengthen my own faith!

April 8, 2009

Saw this musical last night. The story is set on a Pacific Island during WWII and is filled with strong sailors, cute nurses, fun music, old-fashioned costumes (many of which are in style today) and a cute romance. I can still hear the nurses singing "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair..." So fun.
Plus, it reminded me of Grandpa Max...he used to always tell me of this play. In fact, he gave a lighthearted chuckle when I called him during intermission. Wish he could have seen this one with me!

the famous...

Always wanted to go here...the famous Carnegie Hall but never done it. Until today. That is right, this is where I will be in exactly 12 hours.

An evening musical performance. In a majestic theater. It is going to be magical! Now if only work could go by a little faster than normal today.

Macy's Flower Show '09.Classy and sophisticated department store + about a million fresh flowers = paradise.
It was beautiful.
It was breathtaking.
And it smelled so heavenly.
I could have lingered around there for hours...and not just because I love to shop.

a sign of spring....

I saw this on my way home from work today.
Goodbye snow.
Goodbye puffy coats.
Goodbye "gray and black" NYC.
I can't wait...