February 22, 2010

snow day!

It is not everyday that you wake up to a NYC winter wonderland like this. The city transformed itself and was  absolutely captivating, serene, and extremely beautiful.  The long anticipated blizzard hit & not only did we marvel at the beauty of a city capped in snow, but we delighted in a work day from home, because everyone knows how dangerous it is to commute to work by subway on a snow day. 

a Central Park snowman built by yours truly & her man
old fashioned snowball fights
snowflakes falling everywhere
cold, cold toes
& a warm hot cocoa to end the night.

February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day!

The IceHeart in Times Square.
Folks, here it will stay until it melts.  Crazy, huh? 
Happy Love Day!

On the slopes...

The gang on the slopes at Belleayre.  It was the perfect day:
a lot of snow+not a lot of people+patient husbands who gave up thrills, tricks, and flips to mosey on down the blue squares with Bon & I all day.  
Of course I had my fair share of falls, but I even made it down a black diamond, although I thought I was going to die the entire way down.
 Thank goodness Kyle rescued me!

The Escape...

We loved our getaway to the lovely & historic Margaretville B&B...
nestled in the snowy hills of Margaretville, NY.
The formal and fancy dining room complete with fine china where we dined each morning on almond crusted french toast & belgian waffleswith the other houseguests.
Bear. The giant guard dog.  He quickly became attached to Kyle.  Fine by me, as long as Kyle didn't come home asking for one of his own! I told him he can cuddle with me instead!

February 9, 2010

In the parlor...

Us with our serious faces in the parlor at the Margaretville Mountain B&B Inn. 
Don't we just look so proper.
More photos to come of our fabulous getaway. Aren't you excited?

February 8, 2010

The Perfect Escape

us & 2 good  friends + their car + a 2 1/2 hour drive + the cutest little Bed & Breakfast you've ever seen + an awesome day of skiing on the slopes + back-to-back nights of games in the parlor + fancy restaurants + late night at the hot tub
= the perfect escape.  

Kyle & I got exactly what we needed this weekend with our winter getaway.  We had an absolutely amazing time. 

The only bad part is realizing that we have to go back to work tomorrow.

Pictures to come...

February 3, 2010

"One if By Land, Two if By Sea"

Hard to believe that 6 months has already passed since we were here. Our wedding day. How fast time goes by.

Kyle told me to meet him off the Christopher Street subway station right after work. I stepped off the station to see my man. He swept me up in his arms and gave me a bouquet of these. How sweet he is to me!
We then dined at the quaintest little Greenwich Village carriage house. Apparently, this place has been repeatedly rated NYC's Most Romantic Restaurant. And it was! 5 stars for my wonderful husband, this place was magical! Crackling fireplaces, live piano music, huge paintings & flickering candles all added to the ambiance & the charm. The best part is the name "One if by Land, Two if By Sea" after the famous historical quote of Paul Revere. I absolutely LOVE restaurants with stories behind them.
The food was scrumptious & I loved being with my man. However, the best part was that as we were walking around, with flowers in hand and no doubt beaming smiles on our faces, this couple called out after us "Oh did you just propose to her? We hear that happens here all the time & we were so hoping to witness it tonight!" I just thought it was so cute that we appeard to have just gotten engaged, we looked that in love!
The truth is, it only gets better with time! I love this man!