August 29, 2012

The US Open

It was one of those doesn't sleep well, I crawl out of bed exhausted (at like 10am, mind you) & think to myself, "Today will be a lazy day for sure." At that moment, Kyle called and told me he had 4 awesome tickets to the US Open that day. Needless to say, plans changed instantly! When we stopped by Kyle's office to get the tickets, he even showed up with a huge bag of snacks for our day's adventure. Isn't he so sweet? Luckily, we had some friends who were up for a spontaneous, last minute adventure who came along to enjoy it with us.

The venue is incredible & even the flower gardens resembled tennis balls & rackets!

Hudson & Macy were born just a week apart. We joke that this was their first date, chaperoned by their mother's of course. I mean, look at Hudson's little hand...he's making his move early!

After the first match in the big stadium, we even got into the Grandstand to see Venus & Serena play. These incredible athletes were right there in front of us. Wow, they are so strong, so powerful, and so intense...nothing like my old tennis games growing up, with us pathetically attempting to hit balls across the street. It was amazing!

Even with a long train ride both ways, a lot of sitting, & the hot sun, the babes were awesome. Who knows, maybe the day's outing will inspire them to be budding tennis stars...

August 26, 2012

The Color Run

When Kyle & I showed up for NYC's first ever Color Run, we could not have been more surprised. Turns out, a few hundred thousand fellow runners showed up to join us, all in their squeaky clean white shirts. This was no ordinary race. No, this was a PARTY! My only regret was that we had to leave Hudson behind. The little guy would have loved this! And maybe it's just me, but I think he would've look stunning all covered in a myriad of colors! Maybe next year...

The only rules:
1.wear white
2. have fun
3. no actual timing for the "race" and that was that.

Check out the celebration at the starting line.

Our "Before" & "After" Shots
Me in the Blue Zone

Let those colors fly!
Our goal--get covered with as much color as possible. I think we did okay, don't you?