December 19, 2009

the 8th date of Christmas

we strolled down 5th Avenue to see the Christmas window displays.
Enjoy the tour:)

Lord & Taylor

Huge wreaths on every building, apartment, hotel...

even the Diamond District decorates...

the tree of all trees

snapped a shot of my man being so patient with my desire to see the windows in the freeeezing chilly weather!

loved this one...a decorated hot-dog stand! almost more festive than my apartment...

a photo of the roasted chestnuts that we tried for the 1st time ever. We were slightly disappointed & are we are still wondering how these nuts made it into all the Christmas songs...

the big star

Tiffany's & Co.

the light display at the Time Warner bulding at Colombus Circle
We were absolutely FROZEN by the time we finished our stroll...but we love NYC this time of year!

on the 7th date of Christmas

on our 7th date of Christmas,
Kyle & I enjoyed our first taste of boxed chocolates for the season--a gift from my coworker-while we laughed at his favorite Christmas movie of all time, Christmas Vacation. Don't tell, but I strategically picked out & devoured both of the only two Butter Caramels in the entire box. Is that selfish? Unlike some of our other outside dates of Christmas, we enjoyed cuddling and being toasty warm in our little NYC apartment.

December 17, 2009

6...5...4...dates of christmas...

on our 6th date of Christmas...

We attended this beautiful building (love how they decorate this "Temple Square") for a Christmas concert directed by the missionaries.

My favorites were:

2 guys that one missionary had met while they were performing in a subway station! They played an awesome version of Angels we have heard on High on the violin and guitar.

"O Holy Night" which may be my favorite Christmas song, sung by one girl, while an entire group of missionaries and members from the Deaf branch signed the words. It was so beautiful and made me cry, a little.

It reminded me of my days as a missionary & my Christmas in Brazil. What amazing memories I have of my time there.

On our way home, we walked through many Christmas Tree "Farms" as I love to call them. Kyle just laughs and makes fun of this! I love it though. Walking through hundreds of trees just plopped and propped against each other on the sidewalks, lights strung overhead, and a heavy scent of pine that permeates the air. They are everywhere in the city. And I love them.

I also loved seeing the streets, all festive with sparkly white lights on the trees and lamp posts, as taxis rushed by. So, so New York.

on our 5th date of Christmas...
we did something, I tell you. I know we did. Too bad I cannot remember right now. I will have to edit this post later.
on our 4th date of Christmas...
we attended yet another Christmas party. This time with cupcakes galore and sprinkles of every sort. There were people in every nook and cranny of the apartment. It was a dream for little kids...we saw some who decorated and ate 3-4 cupcakes loaded with goops of frosting and then piled high with literally spoonfulls and spoonfulls of sprinkles. Most of which, actually made their way to the floor before the mouth of the child. All part of the fun. After wayyyy too much sugar, and laughing with good friends, we walked home, listening to Kyle's Iphone, placed in his pocket, ringing out with Christmas music as we walked.

I love these days of our NYC Christmas!

December 13, 2009

the 3rd date of Christmas

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

before our 3rd date of Christmas (making holiday treats and attending 2 Christmas parties), I walked inside our apartment & Kyle surprised me with the cutest lil' Christmas tree one ever did see!

I had tried to hide my disappointment at not getting a Christmas tree this year. But we decided that since we would be gone to Cancun in early December and then home for the holidays--we would be fine without one. However, it made me sad to come home to a cozy apartment each night that showed no signs of the upcoming holidays.

But cute Kyle went to a Christmas tree farm (he laughs that I call them this) and bought us a tree and all the decorations without me suspecting a single thing! He even brought it all the way home on the subway, what a cute husband! We turned on Christmas tunes and decorated the tree with tinsel, festive ornaments, and a silver star for the top. And you know what, it just feels like Christmas now!

the 2nd date of Christmas...

How can you not feel the Christmas joy when even the hustling, bustling train stations are decked out for the holidays! I loved the green boughs of holly dotted with twinkling lights hung with the bright red bows to spread Christmas cheer to busy travelers. I just wish this season could last all year!

On our 2nd date of Christmas, we bundled up and jumped "all aboard" a train for Jersey.

We read "El Grinch" (the spanish version of The Grinch-turns out our local library was all out of english Christmas books when I stopped by) and ate creamy, gooey BYU bookstore fudge on our way.
Truthfully, we felt like we were on the Polar Express bound for the North Pole!

What a fun little overnight getaway we had with our friends Russ and Bonnie, who let us sleep under their Christmas tree after our fun double date/

December 11, 2009

the 1st date of Christmas

Kyle & I can't wait to go back home for Christmas. However, I realized that I want to truly enjoy all the magic of Christmas here in the city too and not just count down until we go. So, we have 12 days until we leave & wa-la. The 12 dates of Christmas. NYC style. Here we come!

On our 1st date of Christmas,
we had a candlelight dinner while cheery Christmas tunes seranaded us in the background. Then we bundled up and enjoyed the festive lights and Christmas displays and of course, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree!

love the giant string of Christmas lights!

and the elegance of the giant ornaments in the fountain...

and we ended at the ever- famous tree and then sipped creamy hot cocoa to end our lovely night.

December 7, 2009

we LOVE nyc

woke up at 5:30 am this Thanksgiving to experience the magic of a nyc Thanksgiving.
the cutest new balloon addition of 2009...

wish you all could have been here to enjoy it with us!

December 6, 2009

a big turkey & a big parade...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving...oh, I am so far behind on posts that this will just be a teaser. Us with some friends at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day this city!