November 26, 2009

so grateful...

*my simple list of blessings*
husband and best friend
joy & peace
good friends
work and education
tender mercies
tender memories
a new start each new day
happy thanksgiving!

November 12, 2009

Big Shiny Car.

Kyle is away on a business trip. And this is the set of wheels his company gave him. Red. Convertible. Mustang. Bet he is loving driving around. Anyway, la la la. I am so happy I could sing because these wheels are taking my Kyle back to the airport right now. & you know what that means. He'll be back to me tomorrow! Can't wait!

November 8, 2009

just because i like this photo. he is so cute & he makes me so happy. bummer that my Prince Charming is once again out of town for work. so i guess sitting around & blogging about him will make the time go by faster? haha.

November 3, 2009

$36 Pumpkins...

so. happy halloween!!!

cute kyle knowing how much i love to carve pumpkins searched all over the entire city of Manhattan to try to find a pumpkin on Halloween night.

guess we waited a little too long.

no luck.

at the very last store he went to, he found one huge pumpkin & was overjoyed thinking that his persistence had paid off. to his dismay, he discovered the pumpkin was $36. seiously. i may love pumpkins, but i think it was a good judgment call when he opted not to bring it home.

instead he found these mini pumpkins in a "paint a stenciled pumpkin" kit. except, the last pumpkin was an original creation, if you couldn't tell. kinda cute, huh? and way better for the budget than the monster $36 pumpkin!

so many people...

So the other day something funny happened.

Kyle and I happened to get on the EXACT same subway car on our way home from work without evening knowing it. We were on the car for about 12 minutes, sitting diagonally from each other. Still did not notice. And, we had been standing probably just steps away from each other on the platform waiting for our train to arrive, never knowing that each other was right smack there.

Crazy. In a city of so many people, that my husband could be standing right next to me without us even knowing!