October 27, 2009

Unwelcome intruder...

I hate cockroaches. In fact, I despise them.

My bold, heroic man just spent the last 2 nights exterminating our kitchen to get rid of these intruders. If there is ever a time I am brave, it is most certainly NOT when these guys are around. No matter how big or small, just the mere sight of one of them...& I squirm, I shriek, I yell, I jump up and down. I act like a total lunatic. Seriously.

So tonight, Kyle pulled apart our microwave, where more than ten of these bad boys were hiding. I tried to cheer him on, but the sight was more than my unbrave, uncourageous, cockroacher hating body could handle.

However, I am proud to say, we are now cockroach free! From the countertops to the floors to the...microwave, random as that is. I just hope we never ever ever have to repeat this again.

All I can say is I used to be completely in love with this wonderland we call New York City. Now, I am having second thoughts...


  1. Cockroaches are no big deal. Part of city life. They are gross, but unless you move anywhere else besides UT after you leave NYC, you'll still get them. We get ENORMOUS ones here in NC. They are quite disgusting but you sort of get used to them. good husband to exterminate all those nasty things! :)

  2. I so agree with you. When we lived in Mississippi they were every where. I learned quickly that 409 will kill them if you ever need to use it.

  3. i didn't know you had a blog. ugh cockroaches. we have tons in NC... but we never had to look in our microwave

  4. OH MY GOODNESS EM!! I am with you. Ryan wouldn't know what to do with me hollerin' .... its a good thing I haven't seen those guys in our house yet!! Ekk! I am never as much of a silly girl as when I see a spider or cockroach. Ew.