November 3, 2009

$36 Pumpkins...

so. happy halloween!!!

cute kyle knowing how much i love to carve pumpkins searched all over the entire city of Manhattan to try to find a pumpkin on Halloween night.

guess we waited a little too long.

no luck.

at the very last store he went to, he found one huge pumpkin & was overjoyed thinking that his persistence had paid off. to his dismay, he discovered the pumpkin was $36. seiously. i may love pumpkins, but i think it was a good judgment call when he opted not to bring it home.

instead he found these mini pumpkins in a "paint a stenciled pumpkin" kit. except, the last pumpkin was an original creation, if you couldn't tell. kinda cute, huh? and way better for the budget than the monster $36 pumpkin!

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