January 15, 2010

Yesterday, Kyle & I planned to sneak away from our busy corporate work worlds and meet for lunch. turns out we both work in downtown Manhattan with offices just a mere 10 minutes apart. As I was leaving, I told our Administrative Support & she responded, "Oh that is just so cute. I was wondering why you wore a skirt to work today."

I. Am. Guilty. Am I crazy for wanting to purposely & strategically look extra cute to meet my husband for lunch? Am I crazy to get that giddy feeling on my walk over? Am I crazy for feeling like i still just can't get enough of that man? And am I goofy for not being able to wipe that beaming grin from my face the second I saw Kyle clear across the atrium standing by the security until his arms closed around me in a big hug?

Call me just another newlywed, but I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

To be married to Kyle.
To be living in New York City.
To work just 10 short minutes away from the hubs.
And to sneak away every once in a while for a mid-day date. These are the days...


  1. seriously, so cute. I still get the giddy feeling when I see ryan. Enjoy those moments tuna.

  2. I am so glad you are having so much fun in New York and being newlyweds! You two are so cute together!

  3. It's not crazy, it's great. Just enjoy it!

  4. You are not crazy! Just Cute! I still feel like that too, and still love getting all done up for Bran! Oh and your pictures are darling!