February 3, 2010

"One if By Land, Two if By Sea"

Hard to believe that 6 months has already passed since we were here. Our wedding day. How fast time goes by.

Kyle told me to meet him off the Christopher Street subway station right after work. I stepped off the station to see my man. He swept me up in his arms and gave me a bouquet of these. How sweet he is to me!
We then dined at the quaintest little Greenwich Village carriage house. Apparently, this place has been repeatedly rated NYC's Most Romantic Restaurant. And it was! 5 stars for my wonderful husband, this place was magical! Crackling fireplaces, live piano music, huge paintings & flickering candles all added to the ambiance & the charm. The best part is the name "One if by Land, Two if By Sea" after the famous historical quote of Paul Revere. I absolutely LOVE restaurants with stories behind them.
The food was scrumptious & I loved being with my man. However, the best part was that as we were walking around, with flowers in hand and no doubt beaming smiles on our faces, this couple called out after us "Oh did you just propose to her? We hear that happens here all the time & we were so hoping to witness it tonight!" I just thought it was so cute that we appeard to have just gotten engaged, we looked that in love!
The truth is, it only gets better with time! I love this man!


  1. Holy MR. ROMANTIC!!!! You deserve it!

  2. Happy 6 months! That restaurant looks so fun!!

  3. I love love this story!! you guys are so cute. maybe ryan and i will get to check out this cute little romantic spot when we come to visit ;)

    ps. i miss the high heels... but that's a given :)