March 30, 2010

Basketball & a Bake-off

A little advice for any girl during the third month of the year.  Don't even think about messing with March Madness.

I have to admit that I have never before been so surrounded by basketball, basketball, &  I have discovered that this March Madness has some kind of mesmorizing power over the entire male gender.  Anyway, I tried to unmask the tomboy in me and get in the excitement of it all by filling out my little bracket with what turned out to be very foolish picks I must say.  Then again, how would I know better?

Anyway, during one tantalizing night of basketball, Kyle & I had a bake-off to make cinnamon swirl bread for his work.  Kind of seems like an oxymoron right? A night of basketball and baking?  Anyway, we had fun running from the kitchen to the tv, throwing in a little of this n' that before catching the next big play and cheering for great blocks & great shots.

In the end, maybe his team won.  But then again, it was my bread that took the cake.

Can you tell that we are ultra-competitive?


  1. So funny and true about March madness. I think every second Richard was home was spent glued to the TV, although I believe he did spend one night watching The Blindside with me.

  2. you crack me up. I totally agree with the March Madness thing. This year the final 4 and championship game are in Indianapolis so I got Ryan tickets to go. Aren't I the best wife ever? He sure thinks so.

  3. Love this! I totally know the feeling --- I didn't even try to get Ryan in the kitchen during some of those games though, so kudos to you! ps. I'm going for Butler at this point...

  4. Hey girl! I saw your link on someone's blog; had to check in to see your fun adventures and say hello. Love your blog heading and Fantastic pictures of you guys. Awesome pics of your outings. You are so cute. Happy Spring!