July 23, 2010

Nope...I am not pregnant...

So, in a response to my last blog post, my cousin Jen said,

"hmm...when my sister-in-law took a 6 week break from blogging, she was pregnant."

Nope...I am not pregnant.

So why the 6 week blogging hiatus, you might ask?
  • 13 visitors, 23 days playing host in the big city
  • 3 beach trips to 3 different beaches & even an island! (can we say beach=paradise??)
  • 1 weekend getaway to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, & West Virigina complete with amusement parks, a Victorian B&B, exploring small towns, and camping in the beautiful national park at Camp David (Kyle surprised me for my birthday and even packed my bags!)
  • playing the "cheerleader wife" role at Kyle's weekly soccer games
  • 2 goodbye parties for some wonderful friends leaving the city
  • a night at the Yankees vs. Mariners game with friends
  • 2 completely amazing outdoor concerts in lovely Central Park (featuring the Met Opera, the Philharmonic Orchestra, & the Shanghai Orchestra)
  • more than a half dozen picnics in the park
  • Ellis Island day trip to see the Red Bull Air Races
  • countless bike rides
  • a weekend camping trip with friends...hammocks...tin foil dinners...s'mores...lakes to swim in...
  • my first ever race in Central Park the "Corporate Challenge" where I ran alongside 24,999 other people
  • booking tickets for our 17 day escape to Europe & planning all the "must sees" in London, France, Switzerland, Greece, Venice, & Rome, which just happens to be less than 5 weeks away! 
  • and now I am taking off to camp outside of Central Park with Kyle ALL NIGHT LONG to get tickets to see The Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare in the Park!
Maybe tomorrow after we get our tickets (and after I crash for a mid-afternoon nap), I will post some pictures of all our summer adventures...

I am not promisin' anythere here...but just maybe I might.

So there you have it? Good enough excuse for my lack of blogging? Maybe not.  But it has been one wild and crazy summer that is for sure!


  1. Wow! You're life if very eventful and exciting! It makes mine feel down right boring! I'm glad you're having a great summer! Can't wait for more updates!

  2. HOLY moly Em! Sure sounds like you had yourself a wonderful and busy summer so far!! You're going to Europe?! HOW did I not know this?! That rocks! Are you guys going with mel and brandon? If you wanna know what to see in Switzerland, I can def help you out there :) Let's phone chat. How does Monday sound?? love ya EM!

  3. So my guess was wrong. :) It's a good thing you're not prego, how would you ever have the energy to do all that you've done in the last 6 weeks?!
    We're headed to your city next weekend - maybe we could get together if you're in town.

  4. But I heard Kristin is!! so exciting! Wow, you have been super busy, but in a very fun way. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Wow, I am jealous of all your fun! can't wait to see pictures :)