January 17, 2012

baby bump...

only 10 weeks to go. 
and truthfully-- 
here's proof that this baby bump is becoming more of a baby mountain these days...


  1. what a cute mountain! If you want to see a real rockly mountain you can look at my old blog posts of my belly.

  2. you need a closer up picture of your bump. So cute. I'm so excited for you guys.

  3. SO cute!! I love this :)

    Super happy for you all!

  4. PS. We are pregnant too! I am due in June. We are excited for #5 and I think it is fun that I get to be pregnant the same time as you.

  5. Yeah for updates!!! You can barely see that baby bump! You look great. Have a fun time on your trip; can't wait to see lots and LOTS of pictures :)