January 23, 2013

beep beep!

I just started to sift through our hundreds of pictures from Christmas break and came across these gems of Hudson riding on the school bus at Kyle's parents house. He would hold on tight & squeal with delight as we would push him around the room over and over again. I never get tired of hearing those sweet little baby giggles or seeing those smiles from my happy little guy.

Tonight I had a bittersweet moment just realizing that time goes by so quickly. Before I know it, my little buddy won't be little anymore. He won't cuddle up in my arms forever or want to hang out with me all day long. 

So, for now, I am just going to soak up every minute of time with little baby H- 
The mornings when we snuggle in bed because it just seems to cold to get up and get the day started. 
The days we just sit at the table for meal time and share bites of bananas or yogurt or mashed up real people food for way longer than mealtime should ever last. 
The times I feel like a broken record repeating movements and motions and silly little games like peek-a-boo just because I want to hear that little laugh one more time. 
Picking him up and saying "hi" or "goodbye" just to see his little hand start waving up and down. 
 Even the nights when he wakes crying in the middle of the night again and again and it wakes me up and I am so tired and so exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open. And when the only thing that will calm him is being in mama's arms for minutes or hours...until he falls asleep again. 

Yes, even those times. 
Especially those times.


  1. You know Em, you are your Mother's daughter. Finding and enjoying the beauty of motherhood, just like she did/does. Love you.

  2. love those pictures!!! Hudson is growing too fast but he is adorable! Yes it is important to enjoy every moment because they do go so fast. I don't know if you check my blog but we found out we are having a girl. Let me know when you come utah next I would love to see you if we can