March 16, 2009

a saturday at the museum

You may be wondering what on earth is that? Well, let me explain. Just happens to be one of the most famous exhibits at the famous Guggenheim Museum in NYC. 2 twenty-five pound blocks of ice, surrounded by 8 microphones, sound amplifiers and the like. Title of the exhibit "The Sound of Ice Melting." No joke. Gotta love this place!
Kyle & I spent our Saturday afternoon in the museum. Turns out, NYC is full of them. I loved the architecture of the actual building at The Guggenheim. Just look at it. Amazing, if you ask me.
The museum was all about modern art--therefore, I don't know if I fully appreciated it all. Like the melting ice exhibit above. Or this exhibit-an entire room filled with thousands of small pictures of the guy posted orderly in columns. Turns out the guy had shaved his head at the beginning of the year, and then proceeded to take a picture of himself in the same position every hour of every day for the entire year to show the gradual change of his hair. The result=long hair at the end of the year. Really worthy of an entire room in the Guggenheim museum? Honestly!!


  1. What an exciting life! I love your block. It makes me want to be all cultured like you. Looks like you´re having a good time. I need to call you. We´ll talk soon!!!