March 1, 2009

the Spice Market

This city is known for its amazing cuisine. There are so many restaurants that you could eat a different one every day for years! I have never loved to dine out so much, but it is so fun trying out different places. A few weeks ago, we ate here:
And inside it looked like this. One step in the doors and you are taken immediately to an asian oasis!
our dining consisted of:
spicy mango & mint thai fried chicken wings
vietnamese spring rolls
cod with malaysian chili sauce
char grilled chicken with kumquat lemongrass dressing
vietnamese chicken curry
ginger fried rice
coconut sticky rice steamed in a banana leaf
& banana macadamia ice cream.
What an experience...(I just don't ever want to look at the bill after a meal like that!)


  1. How fun it would be to have so many different places to eat at. My blog is private, but if you want me to invite you e-mail me at

  2. I want to know how you ate all of that!