June 25, 2009

ps...we love you...

I have been extremely stressed lately. Maybe it is due to, oh I don't know, an upcoming wedding. MY upcoming wedding, to be exact! I am so excited...the countdown is at 36 days. But that means only 36 days to figure out my decorations, flowers, food, guest list, pick the perfect outfits for the sisters, cake, gift registry...all I do these days is eat, sleep, breathe weddings.
Hands down, getting married is stressful.
Maybe that is why this little gesture was so needed. I don't know who did it. My roommates and Kyle refuse to tell me. However, when I went to grab my running shoes the other day to go for a long, stress relieving run, I saw this. Someone had replaced my laces for these ultra neon orange laces. But that is not all. They had written on the entire length of both shoelaces WE LOVE EMILY over and over. I almost cried. Pathetic, I know. Call it the "I'm-getting-married-emotional-girl" phase. The "I-can-smile-one-minute-and-cry-the-next" phase. However, with all the stress, this small act of such thoughtful kindness was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Every step of my run was filled with an extra bounce. Just to know someone was thinking of me. That I was remembered even though I have been MIA from normal life lately. Just to know that someone loved me. Thank you whoever you are. Long live these orange laces...they are not coming out anytime soon!


  1. We do love you EM!! and yes, getting married is stressful. I married a King girl that looks at weddings just like you and if she wasn't at camp she'd tell you to enjoy the time that you are engaged. It's awesome and we took it for granted. You'll be married your whole life but only engaged once. Enjoy it! Love, the Sunday Family

  2. that is really sweet! I wish I was closer and could help in any way...seriously, if there is anything at all that I can do let me know!

  3. Getting married is very stressful. But remember one thing- just make sure you can enjoy the day, don't overdue it so that you can't enjoy your own wedding. Please keep it simple, I wish I had done more simple!

  4. That is so cute! I hope that you aren't too stressed to not be enjoying it too. I am so sad that I couldn't come to your shower! I hope I will get an invitation to your reception though! Good luck with the wedding planning Em!