May 10, 2010

about Boston...finally

Loved my experience in Boston!  Although it was actually my slowest marathon performance ever and although the course was deceptively difficult, it was incredible!
The energy, the enthusiasm of the crowd, and knowing I was accomplishing a lifelong dream.
I was lucky enough to be there with my biggest fan, Kyle, and also to meet up with a good friend from high school & her husband.  Waking up early, riding the bus together, pinning our official race numbers on our was definitely so nice to have someone to share the pre-race jitters with!
Thousands of us lined us in Boston Commons for an hour bus ride to the Athletes' Village, and from there we chilled until the race started.  On our way to the starting line, someone had a magic marker, so Jami & I wrote our names on our arms which was the best idea ever!  As we ran, I felt like a hero as the crowds would chant my name and little kids held out their hands for you to slap them.

Might have had slightly more energy at the finish line this day than when I crossed in the race!

Our all-star husbands: getting up at the crack of dawn to get us breakfast, race to the pharmacy for last minute items, and follow us to the park to take pictures of everything!
Crowds waiting in the crisp, cold morning air to get on a bus.
The last stretch before the finish line.
The fast girls...
The not quite as fast girl
I did it!


  1. It is a hard course, but that is why it is Boston! Congrats!

  2. I am seriously so amazed. Good job Em. Amazing!

  3. That is so awesome Em! Congrats!

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations Girl! So impressive! :)