May 17, 2010

the view from the other side...

Good friends.
A car.
And a view like this.

We loved exploring Liberty State Park & I still can't decide what was the best part...

  • arriving by car (riding in anything but those swerving yellow taxis is a novelty out here)

  • our stroll on the pier with the sea breeze blowing in our faces

  • the awesome view of our 'home sweet Manhattan' in the distance

  • catching a glimpse of Lady Liberty herself

  • or seeing the spectacular sunset (as much as I love the city, it certainly isn't known for sunsets.  Usually the tiny specks of color sparkling through the thousands of towering skyscrapers is as close to a sunset view as we get)

1 comment:

  1. emily and kyle...
    you're picture looks like it should be in a magazine add. I'm not sure what for, but you make such a cute couple. Good thing you married each other! :)