December 21, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

In NYC, picking the perfect tree is a bit more, should we say complicated?

Step 1. Find a Christmas tree lot.
Not hard, you can see they are just about on every street corner, though you may have to look around for the good deals. We found our steal of a deal at our 6th lot.  Whew.  Lotta walking.

2. Find a strong man to carry your tree home.  You may have to beg and make a deal, especially if you live almost a mile away. 

3. Invite your strong tree delivery man inside & out of the cold. 
It worked for me!
4. Viola! And there you have it.
Our Christmas tree this year.
We might have overdone it...the branches of this tall balsam pine almost reach our ceiling and take up a big chunk of our living area.  But we love it.  It sure has made us feel all Christmas-y every time we see it!
Only 1 more day until we leave our tree and our NYC home to go home for Christmas!


  1. I love it!! So glad I didn't have to talk Ryan into carrying our tree... not sure that would have gone so well :) Have so much fun at home for Christmas. I'll be keeping my eye out for you two on the freeways :) We'll be in PG & Draper.

  2. SO pretty :) I can NOT wait to see you!

  3. it's beautiful!!! Merry Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day. Are you coming this way any time soon?