December 4, 2010

a visit from k+b

my cute sister kristin & her husband blaine came to visit us for thanksgiving.  as it was their first time in nyc, we had to make sure to give them the full new york experience. 
broadway shows + backstage tours + brooklyn bridge + central park + yummy restaurants + shopping + weekend brunch + the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 
i think we wore them out! the week went way too fast & we were so sad to see them go. 

so sad, that as we were saying our final goodbyes at the subway station, we were both crying as the subway started to leave the station.  it was then that we realized that i still had kristin's purse dangling from my arm! what followed was 60 minutes of a high speed chase--subway rides & running through the ny streets to try to get it back to them so they wouldn't miss their flight. 

the good news: we made it & they made their flight
the bad news: no extra days with them

we can't wait to see them again with their new little baby this time!


  1. WOW sounds like fun! You always know how to have a great time Em. I agree, sisters are THE best!!

  2. i love this picture! it looks like something from a magazine. cant wait to see you soon