April 19, 2012

life is busy

it's been a whirlwind around here lately.
did i really have a baby almost a month ago?

time flies, but we are loving our little hudson. eating, sleeping, and diaper changes take up most of our time these days. the occasional burping. and we can't forget long walks in central park. they put hudson to sleep every time! we sleep in. sometimes until 11am...did i just admit that? then again, sometimes we are up all night. so we deserve it, right? 

it's funny how much life has changed in only a month's time.
how busy it still is, but in such a different way.

THEN, i dressed in professional business clothes every day (well the ones that still fit my big belly).
NOW, pjs & lounge pants are becoming my best friend. 
THEN, i commuted all over the city and other boroughs.
NOW, my commute consists of walks to the living room, central park, and the grocery store.
THEN, kyle and i loved jumping on the vespa for all our date nights.
NOW, hudson's stroller is the only set of wheels that accompanies our city outings.
THEN, i was always glancing at my watch.
NOW, time is told only by little hudson's hunger cries.
THEN, my belly was consistently getting bigger.
NOW, my tiny baby is getting bigger faster than i want to admit.
THEN, kyle and i stayed up way too late playing games and having fun.
NOW, it is hudson and i that stay up way too late. just about every night.
THEN, i wanted a new wardrobe.
NOW, i'm afraid all my money will go towards shopping sprees for hudson (why is baby stuff so adorable? and irresistable?) and, i'm okay with that.
THEN, i was ready for the day by 8am.
NOW, i'm lucky if i get a shower and my hair into a ponytail before kyle comes home from work.
THEN, it was just kyle and me in our cozy apartment.
NOW, i'm outnumbered by boys.
THEN, the thought of being a mother made me feel nervous and overwhelmed.
NOW, knowing i am sweet lil' hudson's mama makes me happier than just about anything else.

i love this new life. i love this new kind of busy.


  1. aw, i love this. it's fun hearing about how both you and Melissa are adjusting to life as new moms. also, i love the skirt you're wearing in the picture. where did you get it?

    1. Thanks Jen. Can't wait for lil' Hudson to meet you. Maybe we need to come visit you in Asheville...can we stay in your fun guest room? (Kudos to you guys on the house by the way. It looks fabulous!) the skirt is actually just from Old Navy. I love it for the summer though-light & airy, casual, inexpensive, comfy. Perfect for walks, lounging, or even going out.

    2. We would LOVE to have you guys visit. Anytime, seriously. :)

      Old Navy? I would have never guessed. It's really cute, I'll have to swing in one and see if it looks as good on me as it does on you. I live in skirts in the summer!

  2. Beautiful post! I love hearing from you how exciting it is to be a mother :) Hudson is one lucky man, that is for sure!

  3. life changes in the most wonderful ways! some people think it won't be great, but it is.

  4. love this post! and michal and emily, did i know that you guys knew each other?! how do you know each other?!

    1. Morgan, do you know Michal? Small world! Our dads are brothers so we're cousins. How do you know her??

  5. So wise. So sweet. You're a wonderful mother already! Hugs! :)

  6. such a precious blog post! he's so cute!!