July 9, 2012

4th of July

how did we celebrate the 4th of july in the big city?
no early morning parades for us this year. we kicked off our holiday without a bang, by sleeping in. sometimes that is the best thing.
hudson + friends decked out in red, white & blue. so festive. and aren't those babies ALL simply adorable?!
a little Mets game action with friends (after all, what's more American than baseball?)
an outdoor barbecue
& an awesome fireworks show over the hudson river to top off the night.
and in case you were wondering, yes, my husband thought my flag shaped fruit tart was a masterpiece. 
loved our day. 


  1. How fun!! Hudson is sooo cute! MISS you, lady :(

  2. looks like fun! love the pictures and up date keep them coming :)

  3. hudson is adorable!! love 4th of july!! hope you guys are doing well :) xoxoxo