September 13, 2009


i love being married to kyle. it is like being with my best friend all the time! he makes me smile and makes me laugh so hard that sometimes i need to take a time-out from him just to get a breath in. i find that every single second we are together is a second filled to the very brim with so much happiness!
my sister recently told me,"em, you are just so fun now that you are married. i mean, you've always had it in are so great now!"
Hmm. Glad to know that I can now be fun with Kyle in my life! 3 cheers for love!


  1. There is just something about being married that is so great- all pressure off!

  2. Em are you going to be in Utah for the Holidays? I was out of town for work on your wedding :0( but totally want to see you before I become a blimp with baby #2! You look so happy...marriage is the best (until you know what it is like with kids, because kids take cake!)