September 6, 2009

waking up to the waves...

We went camping with some friends this weekend on a little Island off of the coast of New York. On the beach. Never done that before. We saw absolutely no one for most of our time. It felt like we were on some deserted island.

We backpacked by moonlight as the waves crashed in & pitched our tents right on the beach! It was awesome to wake to the sounds of loud waves ( I thought the tide was going to swallow us up!) Then we spent the day diving through waves, running on the sand, and relaxing in the sun.

As we packed up to return, we discovered exactly why it is called Fire Island...boy were we burning with sunburns and more mosquito bites than should ever be allowed on one human body!


  1. sounds like a lot of fun...minus the fire part, love the pic too!

  2. so was it worth it? would you do it again?

  3. I thought it was called Fire Island because of all the flamers.