September 17, 2009

A lot like Christmas...

The Sister missionaries came over tonight with one of their investigators. Not only did I love their visit because it reminded me so much of my time in Brazil, but I loved it for another reason as well.
Before they left, Sister Wadsworth said, "Ooh. I love your bathroom. It smells like Christmas!"
I had to chuckle. She must have been referring to the cinnamon scentsy warmer in the bathroom which I always keep on when we are expecting visitors. I have to admit, I am obsessed with good smells. And there is just something welcoming about walking into a place that is filled with a delightful aroma.
My husband, Kyle, thinks I am crazy whenever I want to buy yet another scented candle, or in those moments when I have both scentsy warmers and an additional scented candle lit in our little microscropic Manhattan apartment all at the same time.
But now, I think I have a stronger argument the next Kyle even raises a brow at my candle-buying obsession. All I will have to do is say, "hmm. Smells like Christmas." Who wouldn't want their home to smell like Christmas and inevitably evoke all those wonderful sentiments?!
Way to go Sister Wadsworth. Way to go.


  1. No i totally am the same way...maybe it's an Allen thing cause I got it from my mom! But, I brought a scentsy candle to school and I just melted it for the first time last was "sizzling coconut" and everyone that came over thought our apartment smelled SO good. I can't wait to use my pumpkin spice one. I love love love good candle smells!

  2. you are too cute. i love scented candles. right now i have macintosh apple - and it seems like the perfect fall smell.
    also - I have those ornaments in your picture! what a small world.

  3. I love good smells and candles too, but I have had the worst luck with good lasting smelling candles....can't seem to find the good ones. Or maybe I'm not ready to pay the big bucks for the good kind....but I don't know which ones to buy, because the ones I get area always crappy and don't smell good all that long.