December 13, 2009

the 3rd date of Christmas

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

before our 3rd date of Christmas (making holiday treats and attending 2 Christmas parties), I walked inside our apartment & Kyle surprised me with the cutest lil' Christmas tree one ever did see!

I had tried to hide my disappointment at not getting a Christmas tree this year. But we decided that since we would be gone to Cancun in early December and then home for the holidays--we would be fine without one. However, it made me sad to come home to a cozy apartment each night that showed no signs of the upcoming holidays.

But cute Kyle went to a Christmas tree farm (he laughs that I call them this) and bought us a tree and all the decorations without me suspecting a single thing! He even brought it all the way home on the subway, what a cute husband! We turned on Christmas tunes and decorated the tree with tinsel, festive ornaments, and a silver star for the top. And you know what, it just feels like Christmas now!


  1. Cute, I love your dates!!! When are you coming out here? If you have any free time I would love to see you

  2. I love that you are doing this! And way to go Kyle!

  3. This is such a cute idea for Christmas! How fun! Thanks for the nice thank you! I hope I get to see you sooner than later!