December 17, 2009

6...5...4...dates of christmas...

on our 6th date of Christmas...

We attended this beautiful building (love how they decorate this "Temple Square") for a Christmas concert directed by the missionaries.

My favorites were:

2 guys that one missionary had met while they were performing in a subway station! They played an awesome version of Angels we have heard on High on the violin and guitar.

"O Holy Night" which may be my favorite Christmas song, sung by one girl, while an entire group of missionaries and members from the Deaf branch signed the words. It was so beautiful and made me cry, a little.

It reminded me of my days as a missionary & my Christmas in Brazil. What amazing memories I have of my time there.

On our way home, we walked through many Christmas Tree "Farms" as I love to call them. Kyle just laughs and makes fun of this! I love it though. Walking through hundreds of trees just plopped and propped against each other on the sidewalks, lights strung overhead, and a heavy scent of pine that permeates the air. They are everywhere in the city. And I love them.

I also loved seeing the streets, all festive with sparkly white lights on the trees and lamp posts, as taxis rushed by. So, so New York.

on our 5th date of Christmas...
we did something, I tell you. I know we did. Too bad I cannot remember right now. I will have to edit this post later.
on our 4th date of Christmas...
we attended yet another Christmas party. This time with cupcakes galore and sprinkles of every sort. There were people in every nook and cranny of the apartment. It was a dream for little kids...we saw some who decorated and ate 3-4 cupcakes loaded with goops of frosting and then piled high with literally spoonfulls and spoonfulls of sprinkles. Most of which, actually made their way to the floor before the mouth of the child. All part of the fun. After wayyyy too much sugar, and laughing with good friends, we walked home, listening to Kyle's Iphone, placed in his pocket, ringing out with Christmas music as we walked.

I love these days of our NYC Christmas!

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