December 19, 2009

on the 7th date of Christmas

on our 7th date of Christmas,
Kyle & I enjoyed our first taste of boxed chocolates for the season--a gift from my coworker-while we laughed at his favorite Christmas movie of all time, Christmas Vacation. Don't tell, but I strategically picked out & devoured both of the only two Butter Caramels in the entire box. Is that selfish? Unlike some of our other outside dates of Christmas, we enjoyed cuddling and being toasty warm in our little NYC apartment.


  1. we just watched that on Monday!! Such a classic.

  2. ps. good call with sneaking out the butter caramel ones... I would have done the same thing!!

  3. that's not selfish at all! they were your chocolates to start off with....besides, I would have done the same! and kyle loves you that much, he'd let you do it without your feeling bad! so go ahead, indulge, and SMILE about it ;) love you!