February 22, 2009

the corporate world

yes. i recently went on my first business trip as a corporate girl. the place--Atlantic City. Too bad I had envisioned a quaint, touristy beach town with a cute lil' boardwalk. Not so much the case. Turned out to be more of a ghetto, dirty, miniature Las Vegas. We stayed in an incredible hotel the Trump Taj Mahal Towers; my room was on the 77th floor. And yes, I enjoyed being able to sprawl out a little as this room was easily much bigger than my entire Manhattan apartment. The hotel was HUGE and had casinos, clubs, shopping boutiques and stores, and tons of bars & restaurants inside.

most of the days were spent in meetings; the nights were free. except for the night they took all of us to a night club with drinks and dancing. keep in mind most of the other individuals were in their mid-40s. that was slightly wierd. after that, i spent most of my free time doing more productive things...like pulling a "typical Emily" one night upon discovering that a Banana Republic outlet store existed just one measly mile from my hotel. Now how could I pass up that great opportunity? Don't worry I did not spend much. But I figured money spent there was better than in the bar.

All in all, it was fun. I felt so businessy dressed in my crisp collared shirts and cuffed trouser business slacks. And I felt so important. Valet parking. My own suite. Personalized corporate name badge worn around the neck. The only problem...I still have not figured out what my exact role is in this company. Hmmm. Hope I find out soon.

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  1. Wow, how fun it would be to have an important job where you get to go out on business trips.