February 25, 2009

that was....weird...

Yep. That is right. Attempt to read the sign below to find out what I did the other day.

YOGA! I must admit, my experience was everything I ever dreamed that yoga would be. Seriously. I did feel a little "earthy," and a little wierd at times, to be honest. But the ambiance was classic and so typically...well, yoga! I still can't decide what I liked most:
1) our male teacher, dressed in capris, pacing the room and talking in a soothing voice
2) the creaky wooden floors
3) the way the lights in the room gradually got dimmer
4) the way that candles were lit all around us when the lights went out
5) the way we were told to "become one with ourself"
6) biting my lips to stifle my laughter everytime the entire crowd would exhale with loud sighs
7) the 3 loud gongs at the very end of the workout
Hmm. Relaxing? Yes. Workout? Not so much. Empowering? Definitely. Afterall, as they say:
The power is for everyone
Yoga to the People
All bodies rise
Yoga anyone?

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