February 22, 2009

i heart valentine's day.

Ahh. Valentine's Day. My day was fabulous...as Kyle was so cute to me. He planned the day perfectly with a million things to make me happy. An early morning bike ride through Central Park, a surprise bouquet of flowers me at the top of Belvedere Castle overlooking the park, a movie-like moment of ice-skating at Wolmann Rink in Central Park, & a brunch of lemon ricotta pancakes with fresh berries at the quaint Sarabeth's.
Later that night, we enjoyed a candlelight fine dining experience that he created himself. Linen tablecloth, fancy linen napkins, new elegant china, long stemmed roses & rose petals, and romantic music serenading us in the background...and all of this by candlelight! The room was definitely transformed into a magical, exquisite night. The ambiance was perfect; and the food was delicious. He made fruit fondue, with the fruit so elegantly arranged on the platter, and an incredible raspberry glazed chicken. He even bought new plates because as he said "the other plates are too dark to see the raspberry sauce." Who does that? Major presentation points for him is all I can say. I definitely am one lucky girl, that is for sure. i kept joking that i felt like a beauty queen walking around Central Park with my big and beautiful bouquet of flowers!
i seriously LOVE Central Park and cannot seem to get enough of this place!

ice-skating in CP...always something I have wanted to do!

Thanks to one certain KP, I had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. Kyle seems like a really nice guy. I am glad you guys had a fabulous Valentin's Day.

  2. your first comment. love the updates..keep them coming

  3. Em!!! I'm so jealous of you and your big city life. I just read through all your posts (yeah, blog stalker) because I just discovered you even had a blog! I love all the pics and really want to plan a visit out there! Becky and I were thinking of doing just that over the summer...Anyway, Kyle seems like such a great guy! Love the blog!

  4. Emily,
    I am so happy that I found you! It looks like you are having an amazing time!!! I'm jealous you are in New York. Can't wait to see all the fun things you are up to. :)

  5. KEEPER!!!! Wow, that was a great day!