February 22, 2009

home, tiny, but sweet Manhattan home...

the front room/dining area. complete with cute yellow flowers courtesy of kyle. cute boy.
a shot of our room. yes. space is valuable here in the city. seems like we use every nook and cranny.

the kitchen. this is actually a VERY spacious kitchen by NYC standards. small oven though.

shauna's bed and my bed. good thing we get along or it may be miserable to sleep just inches apart.

quite possibly my favorite spot in the apartment. the little bench under the Paris pictures. oh how quaint! (also notice the room for an air mattress to be placed here when you all come to visit!)

finally, here are some pictures of my apartment, just in case you want to see what I now call my Manhattan home.


  1. Your kitchen isn't that small. My kitchen in our home is smaller than that.