April 28, 2009

Yesterday I arrived at the office only to be immediately sent out to the streets. The mission: finding a birthday cake for my co-worker. Don't mind that job responsibility! After wandering Broadway and Wall Street, I came across this little gem of a place. Isn't it adorable?

Love the bright colored tulips.
Love the cute, quaint corner location.
& Love the beautiful creations that wait inside.
I mean, look at those cakes?
They almost look too beautiful to eat!
Needless to say, mission accomplished. Found a cake. & found a darling new restaurant to try out someday!


  1. looks yummy, I wish I could come have lunch with you!!!

  2. Makes me miss Manhattan and all the yummy little places to eat!

    Hope everything is going good! Miss ya!

  3. Emily! I didn't even know you were living in New York!! How are you?!