April 17, 2009

oh how lovely....

I went to Palmyra & the Sacred Grove this week. Though the events that took place there happened so long ago, the incredible spirit of reverance and peace is still so prominent. Smith Home built by Hyrum for the family. Isn't it so quaint!

One interesting fact: on the left side of the house, there is 1 window that is shared by 2 separate rooms. It is true--the wall literally runs down the middle of it. In those days, you were taxed according to how many windows you had, how many floors in the home, etc. So the Smith family saved some money by using one window for 2 rooms!

Hard to imagine all that took place in these very woods. What a miracle that changed the world!

I loved the time I had to just sit & ponder here in the stillness of the moment. No one else was there. Just me. Alone. It deepened my appreciation for Joseph Smith & reminded me how much more I need to strive to strengthen my own faith!

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