April 18, 2009

This week I went to Rochester for work. Between the 4 days I was there:
1. I drove over 900 miles
2. I dined at 9 shnazzy restaurants
3. I visited the famous Wegmans. What is this, you may wonder? A very upscale grocery store. But of ALL the places in Rochester, EVERYone I met there kept asking, "Have you been to Wegmans yet?" It is a shame I do not have a photo to let you all bask in the wonderfulness of that place!
4. I saw the mansion of George Eastman, the inventer of Kodak film
5. I saw farms, and grass, hills and streams. It was truly a breath of fresh air from my hustle and bustle city life...

But I returned late last night...and came to realize the truth. I missed my Manhattan, as crazy as it sounds. So bring it on...crazy taxi drivers, crowded subways, people everywhere, skyscraper landscapes...boy am I glad to be back!


  1. As much as you are shocked to be in a big city and then you leave and end up missing it in such a funny way.

  2. It looks like you´re having so much fun! Guess what, I´m going to be in NYC the beginning of June. So, pencil in a free hour for me!!